What We Do

each year WE PUT TOGETHER A ROCKSTAR CREW OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHO believe in the greater good and genuinely want to help those who are less fortunate. PEOPLE THAT STRIVE FOR GREATNESS, who PLAY HARD but WORK HARDER AND GET THINGS DONE IN LIFE.
ONCE WE HAVE THIS SOLID team OF LIKE MINDED HEROES WE DECIDE ON A GREAT Irish charity TO WORK WITH that focuses its efforts on helping those a little further afield. Then, we put shed-loads of effort into raising money for the worthy cause, running amazing fundraisers over the course of the year.
ONCE WE’VE HIT OUR FUNDRAISING TARGET, WE ALL JUMP ON A PLANE and take the trip of a lifetime, to work with the ‘not so local’ end of the charity, see exactly where the cash is going and help the people who need it the most. EACH project WILL BE DOCUMENTED IN BRILLIANT HD AND STUNNING COLOUR WITH THE HELP OF OUR talented VIDEOGRAPHERS.